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FreeBSD 6.0 Released

Posted by Zonk on Fri Nov 04, ’05 11:38 AM
from the friday-downloading dept.
Reyad Attiyat writes FreeBSD 6.0 is ready for release! New features, and there are lots, can be reviewed at the official site. One of the biggest and most anticipated features (mentioned before on Slashdot) is wireless support, which has been greatly improved upon. This includes support for a lot more cards, WAP support, and integration into the dhcpd client. This release comes only mere days off NetBSD’s release and an OpenBSD release. Version 6.0 was intended to be released way back in August but due to a number of factors it had to be delayed till now. Aside from this major release the FreeBSD project has also had some major changes, including most recently a new logo and also a brand new website.”

Zonk from Slashdot writes

Posted by Zonk on Friday December 09, @05:46PM
from the please-don’t-burn-us-at-the-stake dept.
schnikies79 writes “Sony BMG is rethinking its anti-piracy policy following weeks of criticism over the copy protection used on CDs. The head of Sony BMG’s global digital business, Thomas Hesse, told the BBC that the company was ‘re-evaluating’ its current methods. This follows widespread condemnation of the way anti-piracy software on some Sony CDs installs itself on computers. The admission came as Sony faced more censure over the security failings of one of its copy protection programs.”