Blu-ray is the clear winner

The war between the two formats blu-ray and HD is now over with all the major United States movies studious now backing the blu-ray disc as the format in which all there movies will be released on. With blu-ray being the better of the two when it came to data storage and looks i am glad that this day is here so we can all start buying one type of player and one type of disc instead of having to choose between two.

My friend would come over with new movies from Blockbuster but they were always blu-ray discs and all I had a was HD DVD player so it would not play them, so she would end up getting the DVD version of the movie instead so we could watch it on my HD DVD player but now that blu-ray is the winner I am going to trash my old player and by a new Play Station 3 because it has a blu-ray player inside.

Breakin the law, Breakin the law

Moore’s Law seen extended in chip breakthrough

By Scott Hillis

“Intel Corp. and IBM have announced one of the biggest advances in transistors in four decades, overcoming a frustrating obstacle by ensuring microchips can get even smaller and more powerful.

The breakthrough, achieved via separate research efforts and announced on Friday, involves using an exotic new material to make transistors the tiny switches that are the building blocks of microchips.

The technology involves a layer of material that regulates the flow of electricity through transistors.

“At the transistor level, we haven’t changed the basic materials since the 1960s. So it’s a real big breakthrough,” said Dan Hutcheson, head of VLSI Research, an industry consultancy.

“Moore’s Law was coming to a grinding halt,” he added, referring to the industry maxim laid down by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years.

The result of Moore’s Law has been smaller and faster chips and their spread into a wide array of consumer products that now account for the bulk of the industry’s $250 billion in annual sales.

The latest breakthrough means Intel, IBM and others can proceed with technology roadmaps that call for the next generation of chips to be made with circuitry as small as 45 nanometers, about 1/2000th the width of a human hair.”

From me

This is such great news for the tech industry everything from Mobile devices to Games will be better faster and more colorful than ever before. When I read the entire article on the Reutuers web site I felt chills go down my spine and my hair raise up on my arms which is so creepy but cool so I knew right then I had to blog about it. Be sure to click on the link and read the article all the way thru. I think whatever company makes hafnium a silvery metal soon to be used in the next generation of chips will see there Stock sky rocket on the market.

Who got what

What I gave

My son wanted a car so I gave him a Chevy Camaro and his Birthday is almost around Christmas so I gave him a 1997 Chevey Camaro Z28 Convertible White on White with Leather seats and ground effects with a spoiler.

My oldest Daughter recieved Sony Playstation 3 and couple of games along with a 60 inch High Definition Plasma Screen television and some other goodies like a PSP with some cool games and some clothes which Iam sure she hates but hey whatever.

My Youngest and still little sweetie got a Nintendo Wii along with a couple games more furniture for girls her size along with more toys and games for her age to tp help her learn.

My husband got a new 30.06 sniper rifle with trophy scope and 9 milimeter Glock along with some rounds to sight it in and some nice camo I hope hope he waers to bed sometime this week.

What I got

Well first I got what I always want every year “a happy family and great friends” along with a great job and I think what every mother wants self time my first present I opened was a very old bottle of wine to add to the cellar along with some jewelry in achampagne glass to go in the  jewelry box and some computer parts and software and survlielance equipment, a wireless internet housewide, I also started an Angel funding company that funds great ideas or people and threw a bunch in Google stock along with buying several properties around the airport here that I hope to get developers one day to buy several years from now for atleast tens times the amount I paid for it today. I also started several online companies along with helped on several open source projects along with friends that we hope to se blossom one day. Also and solved several bugs this year and highlighted several hacks that I believe helped the internet community at whole thus the whole world and universe “yea baby I am a super Mom” And finally I donated over twenty thousands dollars to twenty differnt charities.

So what did you get this Christmas or Give ?

Socom 3

Socom 3 is no doubt the hottest online game out today for the playstation 2. With millions of copies of the game sold and hundereds of thousands of loyal online gamers to play with at anytime {except for one hour maintaince downtime early monday and thursday mornings} it becomes quickly addictive even more so after you join a clan and start battling in clan wars with 15 other friends against 16 oppenets. Lots of great features on this game that were not available on Socom 2 but even still alot needs to be done in order for it to be a great smooth playing game with no lag which hopefully Socom 4 will not have. For Socom 4 I would like to see a Socom 2 style format with Socom 3 style weapons and clothing. The cars and trucks need to be made smaller the players radar range needs to be increased and the name of your teamate needs to always be visible even in scope mode. Also when yo uthrow you rgrenades or shot your RPG you should lose the weight of that and runa dn walk faster after all you just got rid of it why is it still weighing you down because of this there is no realism to the game. Also if a player gets shot then that player should run slower and maybe even lose the limb or have it hanging and also being shot the wounded should start to leave a blood trail. Furthermore to have to give credit card information in order to start getting rank is very ridiculous to me and feel that once again Sony has over stepped it’s privacy boundaries by making players do this! And finaly online players should have the ability to knife a player and do a silent kill when possible. Well one more thing being able to tackle someone would be very cool as well.More guns are needed after all this is the United States Navy where is the aersonal at? No airstrikes sucks as well as not being able to fly any planes or helicopters I really hope the Zipper team gets it together for the next Socom because anything less would just be a let down.

New 360 Backwards Compatibility

Gamespot is reporting that a new update to the 360’s backwards compatibility has been issued … and just as promptly recalled. From the article: “Late last night, Microsoft updated the backwards-compatibility list with eight games from the trio of Tom Clancy-inspired series. Software emulators for Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon 2, Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike, Rainbow Six 3, Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow, Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow, and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory all became available for download. However, within hours of the new update’s release, reports began to circulate that it was causing problems with Halo 2. ”